Beyond the Classroom

可以买滚球的正规平台, our academics go beyond the classroom. Whether you choose to study abroad, volunteer in 芝加哥, or join our 毕业 程序 for 成功 to take that next step, we encourage you to explore the surrounding world.

Students with elephant on exchange trip


Want to experience the world? Explore it firsthand. Embark on a life-changing trip across six continents, to countries such as Argentina, 澳大利亚, 中国, 德国, Italy and Spain. Discover new, challenging ideas and broaden your global perspective.

药店 教师 with student in compound lab

SSS茎 程序

This federally funded program is designed to improve the academic success, career planning, financial literacy, and graduation rates for qualified students enrolled at Roosevelt University. Through RU's SSS茎 program students have access to various academic and engagement activities, such as one-on-one academic advising, peer mentoring and tutoring, career and financial workshops, and cultural enrichment opportunities. To learn more about this program, please contact

Medical Relief Mission trip to Arequipa, Peru

Experiential Learning

可以买滚球的正规平台, experiential learning connects students to issues and constituencies beyond the classroom by offering opportunities for direct application of course material to concrete topics and communities, supported by focused reflection.

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Questions about this page?

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