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Roosevelt University is at the forefront of making higher education accessible and inclusive. Our $20,000 undergraduate tuition makes Roosevelt comparable to many public institutions.* This is one of the many ways Roosevelt tries to make the process of applying for college and financial aid as easy and transparent as possible.

*的 undergraduate tuition for the Chicago College of 表演艺术 for the 2023-2024 academic year will be $29,000.

RU 学费 Comparison


You may be eligible to receive a full tuition and fees offer if your GPA, major and financial need qualify. 
Awards are a combination of Roosevelt aid, federal and state aid. 在下面了解更多.

Roosevelt Merit Scholarship Maximum Award


Based on your grade point average and EFC, you could be eligible for up to $6,000 in merit and need-based funds.

Roosevelt Federal Grant Maximum Award


的 federal 政府ernment distributes Pell Grant funds to students with the greatest financial need, based on your EFC.

Roosevelt State Grant Maximum Award


Illinois Monetary Award 程序 (MAP) provides additional aid to state residents, based on your EFC. Complete the FAFSA at as soon as possible to be considered for this time-sensitive program.

* Maximum aid possible for new undergraduate students in Fall 2023, excluding students from the
Chicago College of 表演艺术
+ Students that are IL residents

Student Employment

500+ work-study jobs a year

Through the Office of Career Development, you can apply for jobs to earn money and gain professional experience.

学费 for 2023-24


贷款 are borrowed from either the 政府ernment or a private entity to finance expenses directly related to the cost of your education. This money must be repaid and is subject to the terms and conditions outlined by the lender.

Carefully consider all financial aid options before borrowing.


Federal Direct Subsidized 贷款

的 政府ernment pays the interest accrued on subsidized loans while you are enrolled in school.

unsubsidized loans icon

Direct Unsubsidized 贷款

You are responsible for the interest owed on unsubsidized loans while enrolled.



For qualified parents of dependent undergraduate students. Additional loan options are available to non-qualifying parents and students.

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Consider all federal loan options before third-party private loans.